Intro Androspy

Androspy is an android application that provides you the most appropriate ways to obtain all information about activities of a smartphone. Androspy introduces a new and high-tech digital spy that when installed in a device gives full access to all the records including call logs, text messages and geo location of its user. It helps you monitor your employees, children and partner silently without them even knowing about it. The truth will no longer go unnoticed as your Androspy monitors every activity performed by the under surveillance cell phone.

Functioning of Androspy

Androspy is very easy to use and install on the target phone. It only requires physical access to the target cell phone once while installing it and for rest of the period it provides remote and distant access to the activities and records of the smartphone.

Making the Androspy function in target cell phone involves five simple steps:

Registering and purchasing an account

You can easily register an Androspy account on the website and purchase access after login with your registered details by using payment gateway tab.

Downloading Androspy

After getting Androspy you will be able to download Androspy software into the target cell phone. Downloading process is easy and very quick, it takes only few minutes to download Androspy on target phone.

Installing Androspy

Next step, following downloading the Androspy software, is installing it by running the apk file stored in the target device, logging in with your registered details and adjusting the settings of that device as per the requirements of the Androspy software.

Logging into your account

Once Androspy is activated, now you can anytime log into your account registered with Androspy at time of purchase and view all the activities under tabs calls, sms and location. The data is uploaded in real time.

Allowing app installs from "Unknown Sources".

Login with your registered details.

Select tracking options you wish. enter your secret code (reopen the app). Accept Secure uninstall (Cannot uninstall without admin rights).

Accept Secure uninstall setting, Press save and you can exit app.


SMS Command Codes

(Please note in android version 4.4 the phone will get the text message. In versions below the function works silently)

Use this code to activate/deactivate call tracking
Androspy call=call
Androspy call=nocall
Use this code to activate/deactivate sms tracking
Androspy sms=sms
Androspy sms=nosms
Use this code to activate location tracking every 2 hours and deactivating it. You can use 3, 5, 15, 30 (mins) instead of 2 hours, or 1, 2, 4, 8 (hours) instead of 2 hours.
Androspy loc=loc-2
Androspy loc=noloc
Use this code to activate/deactivate notification tray icon during data uploading
Androspy not=not
Androspy not=nonot
Use this code to activate/deactivate (show/hide) the app icon. You can use any number instead of 1111, it will be your new dial code to reopen the app.
Androspy icon=true
Androspy icon=false-1111

Do I need to physically access the phone to be monitored?

Yes but only once you need to physically access the phone while installing Androspy following the installation instructions and afterwards you can access all the information from any remote location.

How Secure Uninstall works:

If you click Secure Uninstall box the app cannot be uninstalled without admin rights. The uninstall button will simply not work.

How to reopen the app if the icon was hidden?

Use your secret code what you typed in during the installation. Simply open the dialer, type in your code and press the green call button. The app will pop up.

Does this application support my phone service provider?

Androspy will work on all phone service providers; the only thing which is required to check is the Phone Operating System as Androspy supports only Android.

How can I access the information captured from the phone being monitored?

All the information of the target phone is stored on an online Androspy location and you can easily access such information anytime by simply login to your account.

How can I start using Androspy?

Your service will begin running immediately after the purchase. As soon as you are done with installation process, just log into your Androspy account to view logs anytime.

If I had installed Androspy and my data didn’t get upload on control panel, what should I do?

It might be weak internet problem. Wait for 24 hours and if you still face the problem, send an email on Our customer Support representative will entertain your request at first priority.

If I had purchased Androspy and I did not get instructions email, what is the reason behind it?

If you are facing this problem, first check you’re Spam and if you didn’t find the email there just send an email on Our customer Support representative will entertain your request at first priority.

If target person change the Sim from target phone, does Androspy still works?

Yes, Androspy will work and upload the data if target person have new sim in mobile or restarts the phone.

Who to contact in case of any query?

You can send us an email anytime at We will try our best to answer to your queries ASAP.

Warning: The software is designed to track your SMS, Calls and Locations data on a phone you have or you have the proper consent to monitor it. If you install the software on a phone that you do not or you do not have proper consent, you are illegally, I will not be responsible for your actions.